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Latest Publication

Released 10-28-2021

Club Daze, a Novel

Club Daze: and The Subtle Realm

Club Daze (73,222 Words) is a work of upmarket fiction, whose prose is loosely bound together with a silky metaphysical ribbon. Through careful and creative applications of strategic literary devices, The Author has prepared a way for the reader to be deeply immersed within the varying altered states of consciousness that the main character experiences.

Between the pages of Club Daze, you’ll meet Tasha Price, a VIP cocktail waitress at the most alluring nightclub in Atlanta, GA. One night at work she finds herself in a vital predicament, that eventually leads to her discovery of a higher dimension. This mystifying world offers her refuge from her current troubles on the physical plane, but as her priorities downshift, even her life hangs in the balance when she contemplates sacrificing all and vanishing into the Subtle Realm forever. Is it possible that she’s merely experiencing a psychotic break, brought on by past traumas and ignited by the pressures of present-day? Or has she truly discovered a new world, often dreamed of, but rarely ever, fully accessed?

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