When Your Birthday Falls on a Monday…

When Your Birthday Falls on a Monday…

I turned 30 years young this past Monday.

So far nothing has fallen off or gone missing, which is a plus. Also I have plenty of gorgeous friends that are older than I, so I’m not too worried. Well in honor of my in-tact form & mind, my boyfriend took me (and what little family I have here + two close friends) to a popular restaurant called STK in Atlanta (pictured below). I have to admit that this one of my favorite places to go in Atlanta. It is possible that I love this place for the sheer fact it converts into a lounge/nightclub on a Monday…yes Mondays. Or I may favor this place because of the incredible staff there; I call them my friends, but I am not so sure that a “friend” gets you wrecked on a Monday. In any case, we were escorted quickly (RSVP strongly encouraged) to our private round booth, trimmed in white leather that instantly puts you to a Miami frame of mind. Once seated, our waitress popped up and grabbed our drink orders immediately; directly after her, stood the beverage manager Jessica, who I absolutely adore. She came over to graciously offer a round of shots “for the birthday girl” and friends.


Jessica and Josh (the PR manager), are a big part of why I love STK Mondays so much, they’re always smiling, pleasant to be around and eager to cater towards a good time. A couple drinks into the night, DJ EU took his place in the booth-nook and began making sounds to make the crowd move. We naturally ordered shots for the quiet table next to us and they promptly reciprocated with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, so obviously it was turning out to be a great Monday-Birthday. We were so content in the moment and enjoying each others company that our food parade took us by surprise. All of which included my favorite menu items; the best cream corn pudding you have ever had, tuna tartar with taro chips on gauc, wild mushrooms, lobster mac & cheese, and of course the Steak, chicken and salmon followed. Every bite wonderful and eaten without protest.

Throughout the dinner my little half-sister Emily sat beside me, whom not yet privy to the “city-life”, was no doubt entertained by the shenanigans. She reminds me of a slightly modest version of kylie Jenner. Beside her, sat my step mom, whom I have really only recently in the past 3 years developed a friendship with. She was more of an active participant in my celebrations. Suddenly the lights flashed off, the dining room hushed and an army line of tightly bodice’d beauties walked out with sparklers and strawberry-something shots. Uniting the entire room in celebration, they passed out the micro-cocktails to each table in the spirit of fun. As more and more familiar faces piled in, my little sister studied my ever growing social web. I’m sure it must have been strange for her to watch embrace after embrace from the unnamed diners that were not privy to our plans; but only happen to be there because they’re drawn to the STK Mondays just as I am.

2016-19-2--15-11-49Towards the end of the night a birthday cake was placed in front me, per the shiny heart of my adored Jessica and staff, and we sang happy birthday while I bounced along like an idiot. Eventually it was time to close the doors and head home. If only me and my crew knew how to do such a thing, but since we lack that sensibility, we headed to Koo Koo room for the after party….on a Monday!  Sans family, we made our entrance and began embracing the very same friends from STK, as if to say, “Hey! I missed you in these last 10 minutes from STK to Koo Koo room, and I’m very glad you see life as I do”. We danced, drank and made memories that may or may not last for ever, but I embraced every bit if it. I truly love my crazy friends and I am so thankful for them. Although my Monday birthday was supposed to be a small dinner and this coming Saturday is supposed to be my birthday celebration, I am confident knowing that if I ever have to celebrate on a Monday I will not be disappointed with STK.


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