Semi-Permanent Contour Trick

Semi-Permanent Contour Trick

So around 2014 the world found out what the professional makeup artists were hiding all along and discovered the art of contour. Since then, every single type of contour video/article that you can imagine has hit our interwebs and things even got a little weird. Well despite the overly saturated contour content, I have yet another contour article, only my information is a little different because it is about making your hard contoured efforts last for about 3-4 days verses 3-4 hours. Below I have outlined what you will need to keep a contour going and how to do it; semi-permanent contouring is especially helpful on vacations or long events when you would rather not fool with it.

What you will need:

Contour TrickIMG_3586IMG_3584



♥  Foundation Brush  ♥  A High-Quality Self Tanner  ♥  Beauty Blender

Also; gloves, a warm wash cloth and a mirror.



This is a super easy trick, just take your time.

First, make sure IMG_3578you are using a tanner with a color guide (or bronzer), so you can visually see where you are placing your contour. Then, put a quarter-sized amount onto a non-staining surface. I typically do this after I self-tan all over, so I just use my mitt.

Second, using your foundation brush, paint your contour lines on your face the SAME way you would place your regular contour marks. Typically this is across your forehead, just below your hairline, right under your cheek bones and along each side of your nose (picture below for reference).

Third, using your beauty blender, blend in the contour the SAME way you would blend in say a powder or a crème contour.

Finally, wash your hands and make sure that everything looks somewhat natural. After the directed time has passed (with this particular brand its 1 hour for light, 2 for medium and 3 hours for dark) wash off the tanner with a warm wash cloth.

Remember, the self tanner still has to develop so if you already look really contoured after just finishing then I would also use a face wash to lighten it up a bit. I personally have never had this problem, but I have also only used this particular brand  St. Tropez Express for this trick and everything always comes out as desired. Therefore I would definitely recommend using the same; or if not, at least a self tanner intended for faces. TIP: Less is more, you can always add but you cant take it away!

Don’t forget to share if it works for you and Happy Contouring Everyone!




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