Hot Vacation Swimsuits for 2016

Hot Vacation Swimsuits for 2016

Every year you should plan at least one trip that requires you to hunt down that new, make-me-feel fabulous, trendy swimsuit. You know, a swimsuit that motivates you to drink your coffee black and brush up on your squats. Well, Its been my experience that the really great ones are sometimes difficult to find because they get lost in the sea of basic solids, atrocious patterns and grandma-butts; so out of the goodness of my heart, I spent hours wading through hundreds of swimwear and collected the gems I found particularly awe-worthy. Any one of the beauties is sure to impress, but If you don’t find your perfect vacation swimsuit below I hope at the very least you were inspired.


Eleena By L’Agent by Agent Provocateur

$172 total


Banded Hottie By Victoria Secret

$39 total



The Firebird Swimsuit by MINIMALE ANIMALE




After Dark by Beach Bunny

$278 Total



DBL strapped by Victoria Secret

$86 total



The Ruby by Cacique Boutique




The Broadway Bikini Top by MINIMALE ANIMALE




Tiki by Kai Lani

$204 total



The Catch One by Lee + Lani



I would love to hear which suits you like, love or loathed, so please leave a comment below!



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