Miami Music Week in Review

Miami Music Week in Review
Every year over one hundred thousand people flock to the sizzling streets of Miami, Florida for about two weeks to be a part of one of the largest block party’s in the world. Some of the original attendees call it “winter music conference” and the actual festival portion is called “ultra” but now a days people have settled on calling the whole shebang “Miami Music Week”. For the last three years I have been a part of this incredible experience and it is definitely a time of year I have come to look forward to, however  I would say  that It wasn’t until this last trip that I was able to really appreciate and really balance all the moving parts of this gigantic production. Below I have outlined my latest wmc trip through a series of photos and brief captions as to provide some guidance to this mad house of an event.


DAY 1 // Check In

wmc mmw

 We check in to ShoreClub a little past noon.  A hotel once frequented by only the top celebrities, is now facing its last hoo-rah. sadly, it will be converted to condos after this final season (2016). Once we were unpacked we took a little stroll around the property to get acclimated to our home for the next 6 days. It was then that I spotted this little graphic gem that inspired my Instagram “MMW Day//Night” project with the sound advice “Stand out from the crowd” captioned below…you know because you might get lost and then people cant find you.


NIGHT 1 // Iconicon-nightclub-miami-beach-preview-04-1024x684

 For our first night we thought it would be nice to just relax, light some candles and play some soft jazz on the beach (said no one ever in Miami for MMW). No, we met up with about 8 friends and headed to Icon, the old Mansion, at the stroke of twelve. I have to say I am in love with the artistic ambience of this place. The giant mask shown above is actually white and has jaw-dropping images projected on it all through the night. The dancers are worth mentioning too, they’re really more of theatrical characters than go-go dancers. The night was a lot of fun and just enough of everything, we had the whole week ahead of us and nothing could bring us down. oh if you’re into the table thing I would strongly recommend requesting table #125 & #126, I couldn’t imagine a better place to be there.


DAY 2 // Relaxing Poolside


I have to admit before this day I had never had the pleasure of having PJ Blanche Rose and I have definitely been missing out. It is less dry than  Moet Rose Necter and a little less sweet too. Anyway the second day I took it easy in preparation for the long stretch ahead and just sipped champagne and ordered some food by the pool. It was a beautiful day and much needed after last nights shenanigans at Icon.


NIGHT 2 // Bâoli


This restaurant lie only a few yards from our hotel’s front door and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect place to dine. On the second night we filled the table shown on the left with some of the most interesting people one could ever hope to meet, all of which I truly adore. We were all in good spirits yes, but not often is the entire restaurant was buzzing with a heightened energy and excitement also. It truly felt like we had just joined a private party and the music supplemented that idea perfectly. Perhaps the most interesting piece to this ambiance was the a garden style patio just through the corridor, where the wait staff would periodically jump up on tables and start dancing with the crowd while holding sparklers in their hands. It was quite a sight. The food  and service were equally impressive.


DAY & NIGHT 3 // Surfcomber Pool Party

This will be the third year that I have been a part of Surfcombers VIP Pool Parties and I can honestly say I always have the best time. Shown above appeasing the masses is Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano as Sexy By Nature. The music, service and the atmosphere always makes Surfcomber an easy choice. We arrived about 2pm and stayed until closing (about 11pm), by that time I had done a great job of dancing myself to exhaustion and I was ready for bed!


DAY 4 // Shopping!



Who doesn’t love shopping in Miami? I managed to find this hot little Pilyq cover in hidden back in a corner at a Runway Swimwear store. It was the last one and if I didn’t know any better….by the way if you have never been to a Runway Swimwear (there are 3 in SoBe alone) you should definitely pop in and see what they have to offer. They carry some of my favorite swimwear brands Beach Bunny, Luli Fama and Pilyq



NIGHT 4 // Mynt


After what may have been the best dinner of my life at Nobu, we headed over to Mynt Lounge to hear some sounds from Quintino. I personally have never been to Mynt but as soon as we walked in I immediately took a liking to the intimate space and neon décor. However I was surprised to see what a teeny-tiny area they gave us for a “table”; our group alone needed four “tables” just to physically fit. Aside from space being a rare commodity, and some of doormen being trivial, the night went great and I’d definitely go see Quintino again.


DAY 5 // Ultra Music Festival 2016


Ultra Music Festival has been around since the nineties, and it continues to draw in  impressive amounts of people. Only a year ago ultra decided to make the festival 18 and up, and a wise decision it was; before that it was hard to stomach the underage scenery.  I doubt I was alone in this perspective.  I personally consider Ultra music festival as a novelty attribute to MMW, but something absoulutey worth spending  and at least one day or night. In any case, this picture is taken from a sound board on mainstage belonging to my good friend Troy.  We were able to pop in for a quick visit, and see him work. It’s amazing how much goes on behind the scenes.


NIGHT 5 // SLS art

The SLS Pool Parties are currently the one of the hottest places to be. This Image was actually captured of the SLS building leaving the Delano and was just one of many beautiful moments that night. During this MMW there are so many times I just stopped and took in all of the man-made beauty around me.


DAY 6 // South-Beach Therapy


Of course I couldn’t leave Miami without a beach day, especially since my home is land-locked ATL. The water was surprisingly beautiful that day and the ocean always restores my soul.


NIGHT 6 // Shore Club Spa Time


The best way to end a crazy vacation week is to take a trip to the resident spa. That way you can ease back into the craziness of everyday life. Massages and facials anyone? Yes please!

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