5 Major Health Pitfalls to Avoid When Ordering a Cocktail

5 Major Health Pitfalls to Avoid When Ordering a Cocktail

For those of you who like to turn a blind eye to your health whilst partaking in Sunday-Funday, you might want to skip this post…

For the rest of you, the following is practical information for those whom like to have fun but not at the expense of their physique. We all know that drinking alcohol is already a treacherous environment for the health conscious, but it doesn’t have to be completely disastrous to your waistline. By following these simple guidelines below (and drinking in moderation of course) you can easily enjoy your night out without feeling the weight of poor decision making in the morning…well at least health wise.

1. Club Soda over Tonic Water: Even though the word water appears in “tonic water” it is anything but. This mixture can add an extra 150 calories to any drink you pair it with, as opposed to its counter part Club Soda which is glorified sparkling water at 0 calories!

2. 1 shot is (1.5oz) of alcohol and will usually cost you about 100 calories. So think twice before requesting a double, unless your ready to work it off. Also, this doesn’t ring true for flavored alcohols which can be 2 times the calorie content within a single shot.

3. Always request that your drink be made without simple syrup (or Sinful syrup); as this is liquid sugar and probably the worst thing you can put in your body. Furthermore it is usually a shortcut to mask a poorly made drink with sweetness. Even if it isn’t listed in the drink contents you can bet that 50% of the time it is being added as a standard! You may have to get used to the natural flavors of your beverage but your body will thank you for it.

4. As a continuation of #3, request muddled fruit vs. juices, syrups and sodas. As a rule of thumb you really want to avoid any pre-mixture as they are usually pumped full of sugar and preservatives. With the fresh fruit you will get the flavor without all of the negative consequences and even reap the nutritional benefits of said fruit. WIN-WIN! Obviously this isn’t available everywhere and that’s when I opt for a vodka-water.

5. If you are have a hard time adjusting to low-sugary drinks then opt for a spicy concoction; such as a jalapeño cocktail or Bloody Mary, it will give you the flavor without the calories.


As always feel free to add to this list in the comments below and Cheers!


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