6 Items that have Permanent Residency in My Purse.

6 Items that have Permanent Residency in My Purse.

Over the last few years there have been incidences in which I throw myself to the ground and scream “Why God? Why?!” all because I was poorly unprepared for the stale and rotten parts of life. Okay perhaps not that theatrical but you get the idea.

It’s in moments like these that make an executive decision to add another tenant to my purse. Mind you, these decisions are not taken lightly nor are they thrown around all willy-nilly. No, these decisions are thought out with careful foresight and thorough risk-analysis. After all, purses do have limited space and they get HEAVY real quick! Below I have listed 6 items that reside in my purse everyday with good reasoning. You might just find yourself adding some of these life-easers to your purse as well.


1.  Wine, Coffee and Tea – Dental Stain Remover »

These are great for keeping your pearly whites sparkling in real-time. They come with about 20 wipes and safely remove your beloved beverage stains before they can seep into your teeth. I got them at Chateau’ Elan but you can find them online as well (Click Here).


2.  Fragrance; today is Prada Candy-L’Eau »

Do I really need to explain this one?  “You’re scent should match the energy that you want to culture that day”. – Yours Truly.


3.  Hot Sauce; especially Cholula »

I can not say enough great things about hot sauce; but for starters, it can rescue a bland “bikini-friendly” meal and it increases metabolism!


4.  Raw Sugar »

Please stop using artificial sweeteners, syrups and white refined sugar; all of these are harmful to your soul machine (or body, whatever you call it). Instead, grab you a couple packets of raw natural sugar (Starbucks always has a nice stash out) and carry that around to add a touch of natural sweetness wherever you need it. Unfortunately, most eatery’s and cafe’s do not have these on hand.


5.  5-HTP »

You can read the full benefits of 5-HTP here, but in the mean time just know that this naturally enhances mood and curbs your appetite as an added bonus. Find your inner peace…it’s in your purse!


6.  Tide Stick »

This little pen can rescue almost any spill or stain. I know from personal experience as I have used it on a white blouse to remove red wine at a very high-falutin charity event. I definitely didn’t want to come across unpolished as I was already fighting plenty of other stereotypes. Anyway, It came out 100% and I couldn’t believe it, but now this little helper goes anywhere I do!


What do you always carry in your purse?



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