Magical People // Kelly Lewis, a Photographer.

Magical People // Kelly Lewis, a Photographer.

There are people in this life that leave slight imprints on your heart, without ever meaning to. They’re the type to get subtly filed away as “one of the good ones”. They’ll gently enter in and out of your mind from time to time, and are capable of making you feel good about life without being physically present or intentionally doing so. They’re magical in that way.



Kelly Lewis is one of those people to me. She has a great capacity for kindness, and a special ability to make anyone feel comfortable in their skin because of how accepting she is. I believe that all of these attributes manifest themselves into her projects, and in turn, her success as a photographer.



She is steadily creating worlds that most people couldn’t even dream of; her imagination and technical ability are unparalleled.



Kelly shares her life with an adoring husband and her adopted daughter, Alice. The relationship between Kelly and Alice (pictured below) is yet another aspect of what makes her career so interesting to follow. Their bond is unmistakable, and displayed magnificently within their unique and awe-inspiring works of art (See The Malice of Alice).



As they seamlessly navigate the industry, they also bring forth a refreshing and endearing approach to mother & daughter relationships. It’s no surprise that they have captured international attention with their portraits and I am sure that they are just at the beginning of their story.



All photos in this post are accredited to the very talented Kelly Lewis. You can see more of her work on her website appropriately called

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