My Trip to Mykonos, Santorini & Athens as Neapolitan Ice Cream.

My Trip to Mykonos, Santorini & Athens as Neapolitan Ice Cream.

The name Naples or Neapolis actually means “new city” in Greek.  The reason being because Naples, Italy was originally founded and colonized by the ancient Greeks in 6th century B.C. The famous tri-flavored desert, Neapolitan Icecream, was named after the Neapolitans that brought it to the U.S. in the 1870s. Last week I had the privilege to visit Greece for my first time; Mykonos, Santorini and Athens to be exact, and the trio can be playfully described through its similarities to Neapolitan ice-cream.

Mykonos ∼ Strawberry

Perhaps the most exotic of the three, in the same vain, but different enough to stand out. Mykonos is certainly more exciting than Santorini and Athens but maybe not any place you should spend ample amounts of time in or you’ll end up with more than a little stomach ache. Moreover, Mykonos is predicted to one day soon rival Ibiza for the hottest dance-party city in the world.

Mykonos Details;

We Stayed at Mykonos Hotel Blanc; I can recommend this hotel without hesitance. Each suite had a personal hottub which is nice for romantic rondevuets  and the ambiance was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Everywhere the eye could see was strikingly clean, white and airy; it looked like it was plucked straight out from a dream. The food was great too, which was nice if you didn’t want to bother with finding a taxi to leave the resort. I will say this though, if you think you can stay a minute after check out, think again. This hotel is serious about punctuality.








We Played at Astra; There were about 8 Atlantans there the night our southern hospitality was rivaled with the popular hotspot’s owner. In other words, we made it all of about 20 minutes before we were greeted with complimentary 1942, ascertaining that everyone was in good spirits. The music was lively and the crowd was cheerful! Astra is definitely a must-visit if you’re ever in Mykonos,  its low-maintenance fun at its best in a charming venue.  (Photos from

Important to note: I shattered my phone to pieces at astra while I was “completely sober” … in any case, it became a lot more difficult to adequately document the trip without bleeding. Tragic.


I Savored Alemagou Beach; This place. Where do I begin? For starters, it is now my favorite thing about Greece, and probably will be a driving force for my return one day.  You actually have to look for it and once you’ve finally find it you’ll feel like you have earned it. It has a sexy, understated bohemian feel that transcends it past the point of being just a cool bar, or restaurant, or a beach club, its everything. The music is on point the entire time with a live Dj, but you won’t find any fist pumping or even lyrical music here; no at Alemagou its all about relaxing and having a good time but actually remembering it the next day. I realize that a majority of my friends would probably choose Scorpios over Alemagou for the party scene but I say do both!  Scorpios is a close second. This photo doesn’t do it justice; its truly something you have to experience.


Santorini ∼ Vanilla…

Shunned for it’s mediocracy, yet adored for its countability and beauty. You can rest easy in vanilla, you can relax and be comforted that you always know exactly what you’re getting – even if its not that thrilling.

Santorini Details;

We Stayed at Volcano Cave:  This Cave was actually an Airbnb, located in the center Oia, the lesser of the touristy places in Santorini. The place was everything you could ask for as far as a picturesque greek traditional home. Every room was adorable, accomplished with a photo-op in every corner. As an added bonus, the host brought us fresh fruit and greek yogurt every morning. side note: Greek yogurt in the U.S is a sham, we’re all being lied to, it’s something completely different and much more wonderful in Greece.

I would give this place 5 stars however in order to stay here you really must absolve your need for practicality, for it is scarce. The rock hard beds, the low ceiling, the awkward showers, and the lack of doors left a lot to be desired. (photos from The Volcano Cave at


We Played at The Volcanic Hot Springs;  This little gem was included with the fishing tour we booked with and although we didn’t catch a single fish we did get to swim through volcanic hot springs which is oddly relaxing. Even though the entire time you’re paddling through you’ll smell something that is reminiescnet of a two week old egg salad sandwich lost under your car seat in the summer, its worth it. In addition to being just a neat experience, the sulphuric mud is supposed to be great for your skin. Although we didn’t indulge clay-craze or in the painting of the faces, we watched  plenty of people collecting the clay in the various containers that they could manage as they paddled over to the volcanic rocky edge where the bright orange clay resided. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any photos because I needed my hands to doggy paddle, and I felt like my phone had been through enough, but you can see a photo here.

I Savored Captain Neptune Restaurant: This was the first place we sat down to dine in Santorini, after our stomachs settled completely from Mykonos. We didn’t research or ask around, we quite literally stumbled upon it (by the way everything in Santorini is a tripping hazard, heels are a no-no). Would you believe that Captain Neptune delivered the most appetizing food of the entire trip. We ordered practically everything on the menu and I finally came to terms with eating a whole fish. I mean I covered the head with a napkin anchored down with an asparagus if we’re being technical…but I’m getting there. This is a must-visit in Santorini, especially if you enjoy seafood.

Athens ∼ Chocolate…

So rich, full of depth and plentiful. Athens is either loved or hated for the very same reasons. There are more versions of Athens then any of the three. The city portion is reminiscent of what an New York might look like if it were a 1000 years old.

Athens Details;

We Stayed at Hotel Grande Bretagne: This is the prime hotel in Athens Greece, hands down. Its a Beautiful hotel that seems to preserve the history of the city without exposing its guests to an impractical lodging.

We Played at The Acropolis; I’m not a total history buff but I can definitely appreciate ancient cultures and the magic in the air when you visit a place with so much of a story to tell. The Acropolis is eerily beautiful and calls you to confront your own fleeting existence.

I savored the History.

Mykonos, Santorini and Athens all complement each other as a whole. Separate any one of them and the entire trip loses a bit of magic and fame; each place filling its role, and drawing in different pursuers.








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