10 Low Maintenance & Travel-Friendly Halloween Costumes

10 Low Maintenance & Travel-Friendly Halloween Costumes

There comes a time in your life when you’ve already attended every local Halloween festivity in your own town and you desire to venture out for a change of screamery. For example, I would like to visit the West Hollywood Carnaval or the The Fright Dome in Las Vegas for All Hallow’s Eve; yet, the idea of having to bring your entire bathroom and 15 props to get ready in another city can be a little overwhelming. It’s hard enough to not forget to pack razors, much less horns, red fishnets and a pitchfork; and honestly, what is a mermaid without her bedazzled hair or dominatrix barbie without her whip? Not to mention, spare time to get ready is scarce while traveling because typically there are places to go and things to see. Not to worry though, because low maintenance and travel-friendly halloween costumes do exist! More importantly, the ensembles listed below are still sexy, charming, and will allow you to fully participate in any distant affair that you so choose. In order to make my list, they must be suitcase-safe, have minimal pieces, ready to go in under 30 minutes, secure for a potential long night ahead and almost all of them can be pulled off in comfortable kicks!



1. Casual Cat

This Kit-T is without a doubt the easiest to pull off, and you can do so without sacrificing your inner sex-kitten. It would also work great as a “next-night” costume. You know, the party that falls on the night after the first event that you spent all your energy and perhaps sobriety on.






2. Basic Bunny

This famous costume is usually considered a basic b**** staple, but this year it will carry a completely different meaning. Every bunny this year, whether they mean to or not, will pay homage to the late and great Hugh Hefner (Died at the age of 91 on Sept, 28, 2017). Extra points if you can get a couple bunnies together with a “Hefner” in the mix.







3. Happy Hippie

Easy-Peace-y. As long as you can find the fringe boots to pair with this outfit, I think we have a winner.








4. Good-Enough Goddess

This one may seem like it’s a lot of work but when you really look at it, it’s a one-piece and a headband that you can pair with gold gladiator sandals to finish the look.  Plus, since you’re a goddess everyday irl then makeup is a cinch. *finger-snap*








5. Don’t Sweat it- Swat Member

A strong woman dressed in a “traditionally” male profession is always hot, and in this particular case, super easy.





6. Practical Prisoner

For a fun and effortless duet, pair this jailbird with a swat member of your choosing.  You can also pull on some combat boots to complete this look and to also make your night totally painless.








7. Simple Skelly

This is the cutest skeleton costume I have seen on the market, I absolutely love the silver accents as opposed to the traditional white you see every year. The garter straps are a nice touch too! These small improvements bring the look up to date and the reflections look great at night.








8. The Unicorn

If you haven’t seen this craze sweep the nation then you have been living under a rock. Although its been done to death, its still undeniably cute and comfy. Plus, I’m sure you can find a festival to wear it to after you’ve burned it on a halloween party.





9. Breezy Boxer

Even though this is a two-piece it’s high-waisted so you wouldn’t have to keep up with  your super-model poses all night, which is especially difficult after a few glasses of champagne. More importantly, this costume is basically pjs’ and a housecoat. Win.

*I’d ditch the boots and grab some cute white sneakers.







10. Grab-n-G0 Geisha

Pun not intended? Anyway, this is a no-brainer; sandals, red-lipstick and the robe and you are good to go! If you have a few extra minutes you could put your hair in a bun, secured with chopsticks. Super Simple.


I’m hoping to be out and abroad for Halloween this year, so I will for sure be grabbing one of these for the trip. Hell, I might grab one even if I stay in town, just for a low-maintenance back-up or “next-night” getup. If you guys try any of these ideas, let me know, I would love to hear how it worked out!




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