Attending The Country Music Awards – Trial and Error

Attending The Country Music Awards – Trial and Error

When I first received the call that I had been invited to the CMA’s I had mixed emotions…

Don’t get me wrong, the answer was yes from the beginning, but simply because I would never turn down a weekend with my best @tealann33. I was only reserved in my excitement about attending the CMAs because I haven’t exactly kept up with country music in the last few years – or twenty – except for a random Chesney or Strait concert here and there. It would be strange to be in attendance of such a renowned event without being able to appreciate it the way that a super-fan could and I almost  felt a little guilty taking up a seat.

Luckily,  the event did not disappoint and it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable weekends I had in 2017. With that said, if I were to attend next year then I will have learned a few things, through trial and error, in attending the Country Music Awards.


But First A Win…

Our Hotel Room was perfect for the occasion in distance, space and ambiance. We stayed at the Westin and I took this from our bedroom window. I have nothing bad to say about this hotel, the building is gorgeous and the views are spectacular, the beds were super comfy as well!



Trial #1

Admittedly,  my favorite part of any large event is dressing up with all the bells and whistles, this is partly because I live 60% my life in leggings and loose t-shirts with my hair pulled back, looking a tad homeless, tapping away on a keyboard. So naturally I always jump at the opportunity to get dolled up; I even went through the trouble to get personally styled. The problem was that I put way too much thought and effort into what I was going to wear,  just to end up sitting in the dark audience. In my mind, I pictured the Awards show slightly more…interactive. In reality, it just feels like an exclusive concert. Thus, my beautiful sparkling pumps had no light to shimmer in and the true to life 1980s vintage clutch hath seen no shine…womp womp.

Furthermore, we had to walk from the hotel to the arena because all of the roads were blocked off; it was a little cold and very uneven so our heels saw there fair share of abuse. Also, when we arrived there was a good majority of people that were in jeans and boots. so we were a little over-dressed, we missed the casual memo. However if I were to do it all over again next year I probably will still dress up, because I can.





Error #1.

When it came down to the actual event, we made a few errors.

The first one was timing, unless you’re in the entourage or a celeb you ought to arrive early because the G.A. line is atrocious. There were hundreds of unorganized bodies pressed up against each other in a mad dash to gain entry before the opening act. The second error we made was not pulling up the Bridgestone Arena on our phones before the event, because if we had, then we would have not made a 360 degree mistake. Yes, we literally walked gracefully (okay we ran like idiots) ALL THE WAY around the arena just to recognize the bartender that poured our ORIGINAL drinks that we ordered once we first walked through the admission gates, which were now half full and half emptied out in various locations around the arena.  Our section was in fact directly adjacent to the painfully familiar bar – See Below.




A Second Win!

We attended an afterparty hosted by the FGL venue adorned with a live performance by Sugarland. You can actually see me on left part of the photo, as well as  some woman screaming at me about something that I’m sure was important at some point. Regardless, the afterparty was my favorite part of the event, it was fun, lively and catered – whats not to love!


Trail #2

The Following Night we hit the Famous Nashville Bars. I was excited to venture out but was quickly hit with an unwelcomed nostalgia as I felt like I was transported back in time to my freshman year of college at Georgia Southern University. Most of the nightlife we encountered consisted of little to no personal space, tiny venues, and top 40 blaring on the playlist *shiver*. However, there were a couple gems that I very much adored, like Old Glory (pictured below) and Saint Anejo!



Old Glory  (Photo Taken From Their Website)


 Error #2.

We left at 9:30 am the day following all the barsssss. Enough said.


The Big WIN

I found a place in my heart for Nashville and can not wait to return to explore the city some more, sans the college bars. We had so much fun, made memories that will last a lifetime, strengthened friendships and found a new found zeal for road trips! (Yes we drove from Atlanta.) All in all the trip was a success.



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