About Canary Agency

The Canary Agency is the mom and pop shop of publishing. The site began as a blog, but soon grew into a company. In addition to offering a slew of writing services,  Click Here for a full description of services offered, the agency is now equipped to help debut authors publish their work. The best part is, we do this FOR FREE! This is how we give back to the community, by helping baby authors get their paper-wings.

A Little Bird Told Me…  BLOG

This is not your perfectly staged, covet-my-life blog. They have their place in the world, but that place is not here. “A little bird told me…” is relatable to everyone. There is an emphasis on entertainment, travel, special events, as well as, a secondary highlight on the people that compliment them. All of the content is original and sent in by our authors. We aim to inspire our readers: to try new things, expand horizons, practice proactive positivity, and venture out to new places, by delivering tangible and approachable information.

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