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The Coopbook: Wholesome Meals for Your Flock

by Eva Carver, and NJ.Simat.

Nourish your backyard flock with the expertise of two backyard chicken enthusiasts. “The Coopbook” is more than just a cookbook—it’s a comprehensive guide to understanding and catering to the dietary needs of your chickens. Written by Author N.J. Simat, one of the dedicated owners of Sanity Ranch; and a top-tier Silkie breeder, Eva Carver (Silkie Acres), who is celebrated for her exceptional quality and standards. This book promises a blend of practical advice and delectable recipes. Dive into pages filled with nutritious treats, seasonal delights, and essential charts. Whether you’re just starting your chicken-keeping journey or looking to elevate your care, “The Coopbook” is an indispensable resource for ensuring that your hens lead a healthy, happy life. The is a perfect gift for homesteaders, breeders, and chicken enthusiasts alike, and this book is a must-have addition to your library.

August 29th (The Official Release Date)

Backyard Chickens, Adult Coloring Journal

by Sanity Ranch.

The designs vary in complexity, catering to quick relaxing coloring sessions or longer, detailed endeavors. Pair your coloring adventure with the sweet hum of the outdoors, the warm sunshine, or the company of your own fluffy companions. Let the tranquil clucking of hens and the rustling of feathers become the perfect soundtrack to your daily sessions. This is more than just a coloring book; its a journey inward and a reminder of the simple pleasures of life that our feathered friends embody.

Club Daze and The Subtle Realm

By NJ. Simat

Tasha Price is the lead cocktail waitress at Club Daze in Atlanta, GA. One shift she finds herself in a deadly predicament; in the delicate space between life and death her late mother visits her with pressing information. In efforts to decode her mom’s words, Tasha visits a slew of questionable professionals; money-hungry gurus, misguided hypnotists, psychics, and more.

Yet it is not until she is guided towards Lucid Dreaming that Tasha is able to attain the full message. With a newfound heightened awareness and the help of her spirit guide Nathan, Tasha discovers the Subtle Realm. This new realm offers refuge from her immediate troubles on the Physical Plane, but as Tasha’s key priorities downshift, everyone around her suffers in the wake of her escapism. At her lowest, when she feels that she has lost everything, Tasha contemplates sacrificing all and vanishing into the Subtle Realm forever.

Is it possible that she’s actually experiencing a psychotic break fueled by past traumas and ignited by the pressures of the present day? Or has she truly discovered a new world, often dreamed of, but rarely ever, fully accessed?

The author implements creative methods to let the reader truly experience Tasha’s varying states of consciousness. Club Daze is an atmospheric narrative, told through a comical and sarcastic protagonist. The plot is unpredictable, but tight and grounded. The book can be read multiple times without finding every little nod and wink to all of the congruent synchronicities–a great book club pick. Be prepared to laugh, cry, cringe, and swoon, long after you’ve put it down.