Quotes by Yours Truly

Most of the following are crumbs of inspiration or realizations that arrived while seeking guidance. Although some came through meditation, most of them were just seemingly random thoughts that I greatly appreciated. Regardless, each one of them have encouraged me at some point in my life.

» “Perspective is the only thing that can change the future and the past.” – Nancy Bryant

» “Don’t feel bad about missing out on the person I’ve become, I wouldn’t have reached my full potential with you by my side anyway.” – Nancy Bryant

» “We have reached a point of diminishing margin of utility when it comes to knowledge; meaning, we have so much at our fingertips that we drown in conflicting facts whilst trying to find the truth.” – Nancy Bryant

» “A man-child will treat a woman, like a baby will treat a hundred dollar bill. The baby is simply incapable of understanding the value of the hundred dollar bill, thus his treatment and consideration of the bill can in no way imply the true value.” – Nancy Bryant

» “I crack him up and he keeps me together.” -Nancy Bryant

» “Dogs and cats are the only animal that are widely penalized for being wild; domestic or die!” -Nancy Bryant

» “I fear Dry-Shampoo Lung will be the death of me.” – Nancy Bryant

» “Be someone that you would like to get to know.” -Nancy Bryant

» “Poetry, in its many forms, has a profound way of slowing down the mind long enough to reflect on the complexity of life.” – Nancy Bryant

» “Every person possesses their own unique capability to love someone, and it is  independent of the person of which they are trying to love” -Nancy Bryant

» “To know you are loved and to feel loved are two separate truths” -Nancy Bryant



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